Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donor Corography

Something I have learned: Tears don’t just run down your face. They also go straight out and spatter your glasses with tiny pinpoint teardrops.
The organ donor swat team is here. They don’t think Leigh’s organs will be acceptable. They have perhaps been compromised by oxygen deprivation, just as her brain is. They don’t want to put sick organs into a person who is already sick. However, since we are in need for her death to be as meaningful as possible, they are proceeding as if her organs will be acceptable. Right now, the processes of matching tissue, locating recipients, lining up carriers, prepping the possible recipients, and prepping operation rooms is going on.
The choreography is amazing. There is no wonder the waiting list for people needing organs is so long. Leigh will now have to expire within an hour of the removal of life support. After that her organs will surely be of no use to anyone else. Each organ has a time frame of how soon it would have to be placed into a recipient.
Her corneas and skin will still be able to be used. We will be cutting her hair and giving it to “Locks of Love.”
Leigh still looks beautiful. How anyone could look so pretty with all of those tubes and wires, I don’t know. She looks quite peaceful.

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