Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For the last two days, Leigh has not responded to me or my voice. A nurse says she's probably blind. There will be another MRI tomorrow.I woke up this morning and for about 4 full seconds I thought everything was normal. Then it came back to me like stabbing knives and fists into the belly.
Results of the MRI show damage to much of her brain. The EEG shows little brain activity on the left side only.
Rob went shopping for her and got her some pink hightops and some socks. They have a boot that they alternate between her feet to keep her tendons from shortening. Rob thinks the tennies will be better.
I am wondering why we are concerned about her walking again. I'm losing hope, I guess.
Another neurologist has been called in.I'm thinking she was dead when she hit the floor.

The third neurosurgeon said that Leigh's chances of living a meaningful life from this point on are zero to none.
Hug everyone you love, because at any second they could fall over dead.

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  1. Amazing. I am riveted. I cannot even begin to imagine...C