Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today when I was with Leigh, I was helping the nurse, Kelly, change her bedding and I held Leigh on her side while she bathed her. I rubbed her back. While we did this, I told Kelly that she and Rob had been on many great adventures together. While I told her about some of them I looked into Leigh’s eyes. She looked back into mine. Now and then they wandered off, but they came back to my eyes.
I told Kelly about a time when they took a sailing vacation in the Sea of Cortez and ended up at one point in the middle of a pod of Grey Whales. Rob was holding the video camera. You could hear the great rush of air coming from their blowholes as they surfaced all around them. They seemed curious as they swam around the boat (that suddenly seemed small.) It was magical and hearing Rob’s and Leigh’s expressions of awe in the video, made it even more so. Suddenly, two huge whales swam out from the starboard side to points about one hundred yards away, turned toward each other at the same instant, as if they were performing some choreographed dance. They swam toward each other and when they were nose to nose, they gracefully turned toward the boat. At a great speed, they swam straight for the boat. The camera showed a view of the deck, the sky, and feet and arms as they hurried to the other side of the boat. (As if that could have saved them from tons of whales!) Just as the whales got to their boat they dove under them. The boat rocked in a mighty way. Rob and Leigh’s exclamations were priceless.
The whales were playing with them.
On the same vacation dolphins swam in their bow wake. At one point they were in a sea of feeding dolphins. As far as they could see, in all directions, there were dolphins splashing on the top of the water. How many people get to see such sights?

They were both excellent sailors. On another sailing vacation, they were in the Virgin Islands and just off St. Kitts, they got in a violent storm where waves rivaled the ones in “The Perfect Storm.” I am so glad I did not hear about this one until they were home safely.
The whole time I told Kelly about these adventures Leigh looked into my eyes as if she were remembering. Can it be true? Dear God, let it be so.

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