Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today we put Leigh’s thick hair into seven ponytails all around her head, and with the help of a wonderful nurse named Debbie, who used to be a be a beautician, we cut them off above the band that held them. Barbie is taking six of the little banded tails to a “Locks of Love” participant in Folsom. The seventh is for Rob to keep. We fixed her hair up all cute and now she looks a bit like Annette Bening.
The thought that some child, who lost her hair to chemo treatment, will wear Leigh’s hair is comforting.
There is a new turn of events. The SWAT team has dispersed. Apparently one of Leigh’s MRI’s showed a marker for West Nile. Everything is on hold for the time it will take for the results of a spinal fluid test to return. If she has had that disease, whether it was the cause of her heart failure or not, they can’t transplant any of her organs. I don’t know about her tissues, bone marrow, or corneas.
Meanwhile, oddly enough, life goes on around us. It is so strange to see people going on with the mundane chores and details of living. The seemingly ordinary keeps us sane.

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