Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The family members have left to go back to their jobs and lives. It is very quiet today.

Quiet and sad.

I have made myself to do things that I think I would have been doing if this were a “Normal” day.
I have made my bed and tidied the kitchen. I got out some fall decorations to put up. (Once a schoolteacher, always a schoolteacher.) I realize that there will never be a normal day again. Like Martie says, we must find a new “normal” and cling to it.

Rob has the huge chore of living in a house that doesn’t have the proper amount of people in it. There is nothing that can compare with this chore. Nothing. There will be mail that comes with Leigh’s name on it. There will come the moment when he will have to take her toothbrush out of the holder. She won’t need it anymore.

People will drive up the driveway, but it won’t be Leigh. Someone will come in the door, but it won’t be Leigh.

There is a hole. I think it’s a black hole.

My poor little baby boy.

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