Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Note that went to Locks of Love along with her hair

Leigh, The Brave

This hair comes from a lady who was strong and brave and kind and good. We cut it from her as her respirator hissed and hummed. We knew she would want us to give it to you. She was 34 years old. Her name was Leigh Merritt Hardy Guinn.

We called her brave because she lived her life completely. She didn’t say no to any adventure. She bungee-jumped from a hot air balloon, she climbed mountains, she climbed glaciers, she flew planes, and she sailed the seas. She also loved her Bobby completely.

Leigh and Bobby had ten intense and amazing years together. They traveled all around the world and had awesome experiences together. Once on a sailboat in the sea of Cortez, they found themselves in the midst of a pod of whales. The whales swam around and under their boat as if they were playing with them.

Another time as they sailed, dolphins swam in their bow wake. Another time, in the Caribbean, they sailed through a “Perfect Storm.”

They had such adventures together. For Christmas one year, Bobby gave her a ride in a fighter jet. The pilot did loops and dives and rolls! She loved that and made sure she didn’t barf until they had landed. Not long after that, Leigh took stunt-flying lessons, just to make her self become a safer pilot.

Just so you don’t think she wasn’t tender, she never said anything bad about anyone, she always wanted to help people, and she loved animals, (She and Bobby always slept with their three dogs.) She had pet goats and horses and kitties. She was always gentle, yet had a cutting-edge sense of humor.

So, as you can see, this is not just your ordinary hair. This is the hair of an angel. A very brave angel. Lynn Guinn
11427 Angler Ave.
Whitmore, CA 96096

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